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Laney LX65R Red

  • Laney LX65R Red Combos a transistores
259 €
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(Disponible) 04.03.2021
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The LX65R is a twin channel guitar combo kicking out 65 watts RMS from its 12” custom HH driver. The LX range of solid-state electric guitar amplifiers offers legendary Laney guitar tone and reliability from practice room to stage. The LX65R packs a mean punch when it comes to gig worthy combos. With 65 watts of power, a broad spectrum of tones and a 12” HH speaker, it delivers on stage or rehearsal whilst remaining portable enough to throw in the car at the end of the night. Clean and Drive channels both have their own independent 3 band EQ for more variation between sounds. The Drive channel also features switchable XTS tone shaping for an instant scoop to the mid and a boost to key frequencies. On-board reverb can also be dialled in to add ambience to the tone. For an expanded performance rig, the Extension Speaker socket can also be used to add another cabinet. An FX loop allows the connection of outboard effects. Reverb and Channel can be selected remotely with the connection of a footswitch (FS2). The AUX input for jamming along plus a headphone socket for doing so quietly are great features for private practice or late night sessions. The 12” loudspeaker has been custom-designed for Laney by HH giving the perfect loudspeaker pairing to get the best from the amplifier stage. Color: Red.SpecsCabinet Design Black metal corners, front fret and rubber feetCD Input Yes (Phono)Channels 2 (Clean and Distortion)Drivers 1 x 12" HH DriverEqualisation Bass, Mid and Treble per ChannelFootswitch FS2 (Not Included)FX Loop(s) YesHeadphone Socket YesInputs 1x JackLine Out YesPower 65 WattsReverb YesSpeaker connections 1x Jack (8 Ohms)Dimensions 433 x 489 x 263 mmWeight 14.7 Kg.... Ver Descripción completa del producto >>>

E-Shop vende estos productos Laney LX65R Red, por un precio favorable de 259 €. Este producto es de un fabricante probado y conocido Laney y así usted puede estar seguro de que el producto que compró será de buena calidad. Detalles del producto EAN revisado y identificador del producto ID del producto 237289. Para inspiración y revisiones de productos similares, busque en la categoría Combos a transistores donde este producto está clasificado.

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